Raw & Cured

Northwest Oysters – MP

Virginica, Eld Inle, Kumamoto & Shigoku

Salumi & Charcuterie – 17, 23, 31

Chef’s selection with pickles & mustard

Beef Tartare – 16

parmesan, boquerones & Caesar sauce


Marinated Olives 6
Pickled & Fermented Vegetables 7
Cougar Gold Cheddar & Chive Biscuit 6/9
House Foccacia with Olive Oil and Balsamic 7
Arancini, Kimchi & Camembert Fondue 10
Yemeni Meatball, Tabbouleh & Green Garlic 11
Beef Rib Hand Pie & Sauce Chasseur 11
Griot, Pikliz, Radishes & Heirloom Rice 11
Fish Fry, Dill & Caper Rémoulade 11


Gem Lettuces beef tongue, harissa vinaigrette & pistachio advieh 15
Purple Broccoli Navel orange, Castelvetrano olives, coppa & olive oil sformato 15
White Asparagus brown butter hazelnuts, cured egg yolk & sauce gribiche 15
Burrata eggplant, honey, arugula, puffed quinoa & red bell pepper jus 17


Rigatoni squid ink, turnip raab, roasted tomato & anchovy bread crumbs 21
Agnolotti English peas, mascarpone, smoked carrots, dukkah & herb brodo 22
Lumache purple savory clams, Calabrian chili, cilantro & scallop X.O. sauce 23
Stradette veal breast, pine nuts, beech mushrooms, stinging nettles & leeks 23

Sea, Land & Air

Pork shallot marmalade, sunflower romesco, cumin & coriander 28
Duck Teggia beans, rhubarb, clementines, kumquat & citrus jus 28
Halibut oxtail bordelaise, peanuts, bok choi & scallion-ginger vinaigrette 29
Ribeye long beans, marble potatoes, spinach, mint & coconut curry 34

Kids Dinner – 12

Pasta with Butter and Cheese, Chicken Confit, Broccolini & Burrata


Coconut Pavlova – 10

passionfruit crèmeux, mint granita, mascarpone mousse & mango sherbet

Lemongrass Crème Brûlée – 11

turmeric crème fraîche, candied ginger, white chocolate & cucumber lime macaron

Almond Brown Butter Cake – 10

honeycomb candy, hibiscuis apples, pear jam & milk ice cream

Chocolate Bomb – 12

peanut caramel, chocolate tonka bean ganache, banana mousse & feuilletine crunch

Sorbet – 5

Our menu changes daily to ensure the freshest ingredients. We update our menu online every Friday. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

**Please inform us of any allergies when making your reservation **

We add a 20% service charge to your bill:
60% is distributed as gratuity to employees directly serving guests. 15% is distributed to employees not directly serving guests. The remainder is retained by the house to provide higher wages and benefits.

Thank you for dining with us.