Raw & Cured

Northwest Oysters – MP
Salumi & Charcuterie – MP

Chef’s selection with pickles & mustard

Beef Tartare – 17

sunchoke chips, capers & blue cheese fondue

Rockfish Ceviche – 14

avocado, chili paste & apple mead


Marinated Olives 6
Pickled & Fermented Vegetables 7
Lucinda’s Sourdough & Chive Butter7
Fingerling Potatoes, Peppers & Coconut Curry9
Duck Handpie, Iced Onion & Green Tomato11
Brussels Sprouts, Spicy Pear & Hazelnuts10
Fish Fry, Fennel, Pikliz & Espelette Aioli12


Chicoriesanchovies, sweet peppers, bread crumbs, parmesan & Cesar dressing15
Rainbow Carrotsgolden raisins, confit lime, sunflower seed dukkah & strained yogurt15
Burratadelicata squash, Orin apples, pickled mushrooms & egusi sauce 17
Cauliflowergrapefruit, fermented tomatillo, peperonata & harissa barbecue 14


Cavatellilamb bacon, parmesan, Brussels sprouts & cured egg yolk 21
Casareccechorizo cassoulet, radicchio, Helios chili & smoked mozzerella19
Spaghettichicken curry, cashews, apricots, cilantro & duck cracklin’ gremolata22

Sea, Land & Air

TripeSan Marzano tomatoes, chickpeas, lavender, olives & hen egg20
Halibutpine nut caponata, einkorn, celeriac, radish & smoked fumet 29
Duck golden chanterelles, spelt ragout, beets & Bosc pear-vanilla sauce 28
Porkbroccoli, spelt ragout, roasted garlic, tarragon & sauce bordelaise28

Kids Dinner – 12

Pasta with Butter and Cheese, Sausage, Delicata Squash, Broccoli & Apple Sauce


Buttermilk Panna Cotta

peach coulis, purple basil granita, hibiscus peaches & salted pecan tuile

Vanilla Bavarian Mousse – 11

yuzu crème, orange blossom chiffon, juniper shortbread, cherry coulis & vermouth

Pine Nut Tart – 12

rosemary crèmeux, feuilletine crunch, quince compote, mascarpone & candied ginger


chiffon cake, house walnut liqueur, coffee mousse & chocolate cocoa nib tuile

Sorbet – 5

Our menu changes daily to ensure the freshest ingredients. We update our menu online every Friday. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

**Please inform us of any allergies when making your reservation **

We add a 20% service charge to your bill:
60% is distributed as gratuity to employees directly serving guests. 15% is distributed to employees not directly serving guests. The remainder is retained by the house to provide higher wages and benefits.

Thank you for dining with us.