Yogurt, Lemon Curd, Banana & Granola6
Berry Scone & Lemon Crème Fraîche6
Passionfruit Pâte à Choux4
Chocolate Bostock, Orange & Coconut5
French Toast, Bourbon Anglaise & Blueberry10


Quiche maitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, fromage blanc & bok choy14
Benedict pork rillettes, poached egg, spinach & Yemeni spiced hollandaise13
Brioche Sandwich halibut croquette, gem lettuce salad, pikliz & tartar sauce15
Octopusputtanesca, garam masala, marble potatoes, mizuna & fried egg19
Burrata eggplant, field pea falafel, pickled red onions, dukkah & mint17
Duck Handpiebroccolini, peperonata, pickled broccoli & soft cooked egg13
Rice Bowlfennel sausage, cauliflower, spicy cabbage, peanuts & ginger-ramp sauce19
Pork Schnitzelchive spaetzle, dandelion greens, cucumber, huckleberry & confit lemon19
Flatbreadlamb shoulder, coriander oil, yogurt, oregano & carrot salad17


Two Chicken Eggs4
Mortadella or Boudin Blanc Sausage6
Marinated Olives5
Sourdough Toast4
Buckwheat-Quinoa Pancakes & Maple Syrup6
Marble Potatoes, Fiore Sardo & Sauce Caesar6


Sorbet – 5

apple hibiscus, pineapple & kiwi lime

Our menu changes daily to ensure the freshest ingredients. We update our menu online every Friday. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

**Please inform us of any allergies when making your reservation **

We add a 20% service charge to your bill:
60% is distributed as gratuity to employees directly serving guests. 15% is distributed to employees not directly serving guests. The remainder is retained by the house to provide higher wages and benefits.

Thank you for dining with us.