Salare is a chef-driven neighborhood restaurant, nestled in the heart of Ravenna in North Seattle. We capture America’s diverse culture of food with influences from America’s South, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

Salare, n. a seasonal neighborhood restaurant embracing the diverse cultures that makes America’s cuisine.

salare, v. to season; to salt; to preserve

The name Salare draws its origin from the Latin word sal which means “salt” and the term “salare” which is the act of using salt to season, preserve, or cure. The term “salare” was introduced to Chef Jordan while spending time in Italy studying the art of salumi making. Chef Jordan’s philosophy is rooted in his passion for cooking traditions, primal techniques, and ancient methods for preserving foods; the name Salare embraces this philosophy.

Meet the Team

Edouardo : Chef/Owner
Edouardo Chef/Owner

Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Under Appreciated Ingredient: Grains of Paradise
Favorite Spirit: Gin
Fantasy Job: Restaurant Owner
How Do You Stay Inspired: By working with talented people, reading, tasting, traveling, and most importantly always expecting more.

Kelvyn : Chef de Cuisine
Kelvyn Chef de Cuisine

Hometown: Fairwood, WA
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Under Appreciated Ingredient: MSG
Favorite Spirit: Whiskey
Fantasy Job: Oyster farmer
How Do You Stay Inspired: Seeing guests enjoy food, reading, and nature

Elmer : Director for Brands & Development
Elmer Director for Brands & Development

Hometown: Guam
Favorite Season: Cherry season
Favorite Under Appreciated Ingredient: Coconut oil
Favorite Spirit: Calvados
Fantasy Job: Astronomer
How Do You Stay Inspired: Spending time with as many different types of people as possible

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