Berry Scone & Lemon Crème Fraiche 6  
Cinnamon Apple Pecan Danish Braid 7  
Chocolate Almond Croissant 7  
Blackberry Cream Bomboloné 8  
French Toast, Peach Caramel & Berry Compote 9  


Cow’s Milk Yogurt
lemon thyme curd, Tunisian granola, honeycrisp & figs 9
golden chanterelles, Aji Dulce peppers & mixed greens 13
Lengua Hash
Maris piper potatoes, peperonata & fried egg 15
Croissant Sandwich
lamb rillettes, pickled Anaheim pepper, mustard & scrambled egg 14
smoked salmon, dandelion greens, fromage blanc & panisse 16
black beans, orange, duck wing, jasmine rice & soft egg 15
Mixed Greens
pecans, mitmita, parmesan & camembert fondue 12
ham, pork rillettes, spinach, poached egg & hollandaise 16
Pork Schnitzel
cucumber, crème fraîche, berry jam, radish & poached egg 17
einkorn, delicata squash, whipped lard, fennel & focaccia 15
Honeycomb Tripe
Matsutake mushrooms, scotch bonnet peppers, chickpeas & fried egg 15



Sourdough Toast 4
Buckwheat-Quinoa Pancakes 5
Two Chicken Eggs 5
Marble Potatoes & Spiced Yogurt 5
Boudin or Fennel Sausage 7
Panisse Fries & Aioli 7
Marinated Olives 5


squash sorbet, pineapple sorbet & fig sherbet 5





We add a 20% service charge to your bill.

60% is distributed as gratuity to employees directly serving guests. 15% is distributed to employees not directly serving guests. The remainder is retained by the house to provide higher wages and benefits.

Thank you for dining with us.